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The web page acts as an intermediary between our clients and our suppliers, offering driverless car rental services in Ibiza. neither delivers nor collects vehicles reserved through this website – our suppliers are responsible for serving the booked vehicles.

Why can’t I find any telephone numbers for booking or requesting information?

The main objective of this website is to offer prices that are more affordable and competitive.

To achieve this objective, we have stopped taking telephone requests in order to reduce costs. The savings obtained by reducing these costs are reflected in the prices we are able to offer. This allows us to achieve our chief objective of offering lower prices.

Once the reservation has been completed, any contact numbers you may need will be sent along with the reservation confirmation

What should I do if I encounter a problem when booking or if I have any queries?

You may contact our customer support department by sending an email to, or alternatively, you may fill in the following form.

Rest assured you will receive a speedy response; our agents are able to deliver extremely swift response times.

I have queries about the rental conditions, where might I find them?

You may find the rental conditions in the following link.

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